Wednesday, 1 June 2016

2/6/2016 - The 420van has been sighted on "Living Big In a Tiny House" channel!

Bryce and the production team from Living Big in a Tiny House have done a fabulous mini-documentary on my van.    I hope you enjoy this documentary and please do subscribe to Living Big in a Tiny House to your list of well worth it websites to follow!

Also, I am in the process of writing a book documenting my design, build and beyond processes of how this van came to be.   The book will be called "Anatomy of an Expedition Van" and will be completed in the not so far distant future.   It will have all sort of contents from choosing a van, budgeting, building it, stocking it, survival skills, gear, and even a special chapter on apocalypse survival skills.   I will up date my blog here once the hard cover and e-book are ready for sale.   Happy 4x4ing to everyone! 

I'd like to say a big cheers  and thank you to the following outfitters for helping me make this project a reality:
G Guy Motors (Wellington's 4WD Specialists)

Cannibal Joiners -

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