Tuesday, 25 August 2015

25/8/2015 - Interior Cabinet COMPLETED! Moving forward the 200watt solar panel install is tomorrow!

Well the day has come where the single most complex (and expensive) part of my van upgrade is complete.  The interior cabinet is extremely complex. It contains:

1) Stainless steel fold-away RV-style sink hidden in a drawer accessible from the rear of the van. Th
2) Dedicated battery/electric/solar polar cabinet over the left rear wheel hump.
3) Pull out laptop desk / double bed extender w/180kg sliders (left side facing front of van)
4) Pull out port-o-loo (150kg limit) under the pull-out laptop desk
5) Pull out large drawer / double bed extender 200kg  (right side facing front of van)

6) Under storage areas for hold 3 - 20L water jugs.  (2 @ fresh water / 1 @ grey /dirty water) linked up to the RV style sink.    (not shown in photos)
7) Right side under storage for 2 beach chairs
8) 40L Engel Fridge on slide-in on 180kg runners with separate slide out cutting board, dining table/cooking area underneath

9) 2 rear - 45kg slide out drawers for kitchen / cooking supply storage.
10) Medium-sized fixed storage area over the stainless steel fold-away RV sink slide.
11) 4-stage reverse osmosis system for drinkable water from lakes, streams or ocean water.  (not shown in photos)

Extended bed frame for a kitchen table (soon will have pads for seating here)

Looking back at the fully extended bed frame from the front of the van. The box here is my 200
watt /12/24 volt solar panel in prep for installation.  

The fully extended bed frame from the left side sliding door

The view of the fully extended bed frame as seen from the rear hatch door of the van

Electrics compartment over the left wheel well for solar 12&24 volt regulator / deep
cel battery & 600watt pure sine ower inverter
Engel 40L fridge with 2 - 45kg drawers and RV sink slide (closed)
Rear of the van with everything open at once (Engel fridge, 2 - 45 kg drawers and RV sink

Rear of the van with everything open at once (Engel fridge, 2 - 45 kg drawers and RV sink

Tomorrow, 26/8/2015, I am getting my 200 watt Solar Panel installed on the front the van roof.  This is far more than needed, but then again, that's the idea to never have too much stored power in your deep cel battery!    More soon.... cheers!


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