Sunday, 26 June 2016

27/6/2016- Getting exciting for my winter ski/snowshoe safari 4WD expedition

This photo was found Google images & not mine.  I will take more and
better ones for sure!

New Zealand's Southern Alps are arguably the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world.    In early August this year, I am departing on an 18 day solo ski, snowboard, photography & Southern Lights 4WD expedition.    One of my primary goals is to ski a total of 9 days in Queenstown and Wanaka, but moreso to explore the less explored vast areas of snow-covered Milford Sound, Mt Cook National Park and the Lake Tekapo regions.

Later this week, I am getting a major overhaul (upgrade) on the rear diff (differential) for my 4WD systems. I am getting it upgraded from an open diff to a LSD (limited slip diff) which will greatly increase my already good traction on snow, rocky and slippery terrain.   The 4WD experts doing this work suggest perhaps up to 50% increase in efficiency and traction especially when in running in 4WD low gear ratio mode.

With the very high ground clearance on my van added in with a LSD 4WD system, I am very excited to get on the snow and remote mountain roads.   Life is good...follow me on this blog or my Twitter page:


Monday, 20 June 2016

18/6/2015 - Winterised water tanks and temperature

OK so I am getting prepared for my 3 week long solo ski expedition/safari this winter.   Considering that I will be driving over snowy potentially and dangerous areas at cold nights and that water is a necessity of life, I don't want to risk having my 40L fresh water freeze up on me.   My van has both floor and window insulation both, but the only heating source is myself (human body created heat).   Given this, I want to be sure my water tanks won't freeze when I am not in the van.

I went onto E-bay and found a nice battery-free small thermometer/humidity gauge.   It only cost $4.00 delivered from Hong Kong. Score! With my leftover super glue and velcro from prior internal modifications, I was set.  First the water bottles were fully covered by a warm baby blanket.

A warm baby blanket fully surrounded by a strap for my 40L water supply
Step 1 - Velcro on the side of my book shelf

Step 2 - opposite velcro on the thermometer

Step 3 - Mount the thermometer
One other benefit of having a thermometer/humidity gauge is that I can tell when whether is changing. This is a side effect from my meteorology training as as pilot.   If you can read the weather, then you can safely traverse the roads as well.  Wicked!

Friday, 17 June 2016

17/6/2016 - Twitter account

OK OK, so I am just finally getting my Twitter account going from when it was created in 2010.  You can follow me via the hashtag:

or going directly going to my Twitter account at:


Thursday, 9 June 2016

10/6/2016 - New Youtube channel!

I have been so busy modifying my van over the last year, that I've missed one important piece of info for you all.. I never created a Youtube channel.    I have a lot of videos and photos, so please follow my YouTube channel and be also on the lookout for my up-and-coming book that I am going to get published....