Monday, 20 June 2016

18/6/2015 - Winterised water tanks and temperature

OK so I am getting prepared for my 3 week long solo ski expedition/safari this winter.   Considering that I will be driving over snowy potentially and dangerous areas at cold nights and that water is a necessity of life, I don't want to risk having my 40L fresh water freeze up on me.   My van has both floor and window insulation both, but the only heating source is myself (human body created heat).   Given this, I want to be sure my water tanks won't freeze when I am not in the van.

I went onto E-bay and found a nice battery-free small thermometer/humidity gauge.   It only cost $4.00 delivered from Hong Kong. Score! With my leftover super glue and velcro from prior internal modifications, I was set.  First the water bottles were fully covered by a warm baby blanket.

A warm baby blanket fully surrounded by a strap for my 40L water supply
Step 1 - Velcro on the side of my book shelf

Step 2 - opposite velcro on the thermometer

Step 3 - Mount the thermometer
One other benefit of having a thermometer/humidity gauge is that I can tell when whether is changing. This is a side effect from my meteorology training as as pilot.   If you can read the weather, then you can safely traverse the roads as well.  Wicked!

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