Sunday, 26 June 2016

27/6/2016- Getting exciting for my winter ski/snowshoe safari 4WD expedition

This photo was found Google images & not mine.  I will take more and
better ones for sure!

New Zealand's Southern Alps are arguably the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world.    In early August this year, I am departing on an 18 day solo ski, snowboard, photography & Southern Lights 4WD expedition.    One of my primary goals is to ski a total of 9 days in Queenstown and Wanaka, but moreso to explore the less explored vast areas of snow-covered Milford Sound, Mt Cook National Park and the Lake Tekapo regions.

Later this week, I am getting a major overhaul (upgrade) on the rear diff (differential) for my 4WD systems. I am getting it upgraded from an open diff to a LSD (limited slip diff) which will greatly increase my already good traction on snow, rocky and slippery terrain.   The 4WD experts doing this work suggest perhaps up to 50% increase in efficiency and traction especially when in running in 4WD low gear ratio mode.

With the very high ground clearance on my van added in with a LSD 4WD system, I am very excited to get on the snow and remote mountain roads.   Life is good...follow me on this blog or my Twitter page:


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