Wednesday, 6 July 2016

6/7/2016 - Major modification - Rear open diff conversation to L.S.D. (Limited Slip Diff)

It's been a while since I have had a major modification done on my van.   The only thing I thought I could've done more was to add a hot tub (which wouldn't fit anyway), a diesel heater, an electrical water heater or completely swapping out my rear differential to a locker or limited slip diff.   

My rear axel off and naked! 

The hot tub idea is not going to work obviously!
A diesel heater?  Perhaps I don't quite need it now since I have good insulation and -9c down sleeping bag.

I did however Think long and hard about swapping out my rear open diff to get a locker installed.  I looked at the pricing and it was far out of my price range.  So I look into getting a limited slip diff, but the problem is there are no factory ones available for this van. So G Guy Motors started doing research on where I can get one. Farther north up in New Plymouth, there was a Delica L400 which was recently totalled from an accident or something.  The L400 shares the same chassis as my van, less the rear limited slip diff. 

G Guy Motors had this LSD tested and it was in perfect working order. The supplier mailed down the LSD and the work began my van. The cost of the part was about $450-500, however once install it will provide a lot more traction in my current rear open diff.  Now I'm not mechanic but I can tell you it looks very impressive.

I'm looking forward to taking this off-road especially taking it off road in the snow.

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