Saturday, 23 July 2016

24/7/2016 - Ski fields shut due to warm, windy rain! It's .308 shooting time again! :-)

The mountain was shut all weekend due to heavy rain, gale winds and overall crap weather.   Yes, so I wanted to take the van up to mountain skiing, but oh well. Rather I pulled out my .308 rifle and went to the range on a rather windy, gusty day.  It made for some challenging target shooting that's for sure.  The great snow base we had until Friday afternoon, was good.  Now? Unsure! :( 

I love sharp shooting.. It teaches concentration and patience
Borrowing the range sighting scope, but the wind made it wobbly @ 60x

My 420van takes me everywhere fun!

pew pew pew...  

The end result?  Well I did OK considering I was fighting near gale winds twisting each shot.   The unpredictable wind made me accidentally take out the girl, sorry hun!  I got 3 perfect head shots from the zombie on the right. The centre zombie I got well, but the only shot I took at the left zombie was a miss. Darn!  
I brought up two 1L water filled plastic bottles for fun. I destroyed them with 1 shot each. I forgot to record it on video, oh well next time I promise as I know that sort of stuff looks great at 10% speed playback.  Cheers!


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  2. Hey! I'm based in Wellington too, I'd love to get a view of the van and talk about post-apocalyptic scenarios :P Let me know if you're ever free. You can find me on facebook at 'Mel Mencarelli'.

  3. Check your FB email.. I sent you a message. Cheers.. John