Monday, 17 August 2015

17/8/2015 - New cabinet/bed/sink/fridge platform IN-PROGRESS and looking good!

Let's get rolling baby!!  So after some delays with the joiner with regards him finishing his other projects, things are finally moving quickly along.  As you can see things are looking good!

In the above photo, In the foregroundFront (inside) of van cabinet. L to R: Large 200Kg drawer, below it storage
area, then to the right, the porto-loo slide/storage area with soon-to-be light drawer above it.  The middle of the cabinet will be water storage, plumbing and misc wiring (solar panel, interior LED lights, etc).   The work is being done by Cannibal Joiners.

In the photo above, you can see the rear of the cabinet system.   The left side is purely for my Engel 40L fridge on a heavy slide system. The tall thin middle area is for 2 drawers (lightweight 45KG runners).

The area on the right rear is a bit more complex.    The bottom is small storage for a frying pan, fire extinguisher etc.  The middle right is for my RV sink with the strange cutout below for plumbing and etc to go back to the water tanks to be stored in the middle cabinet.  Above the sink area (not yet done) is another storage area / drawer. The bottom and top areas will have netting to keep items secure inside those areas.

The top middle of the cabinet system will have full removable panels to access the water and wiring areas.  Oh and yes, the singly most important one area will be the area over the left wheel well. This will be my electric / solar device storage/access.  In there, will be a 120 Am/h deep cel marine battery, 600-watt pure sinewave inverter and 20 watt solar controller.  The reason for having this electrical ABOVE the left wheel well is for water protection if the event I have to cross a small stream. If the water is deeper than the 3/4 up my tyres, I won't be driving through it!

The wood itself for will be purely from 16mm birchwood 
waterproofed with clear coat polyurethane. Good quality strong stuff!!!    I will post more images once this is all complete. The E.T.A. for completion is 21/8 - this Friday!


  1. I really like the the sink. What kind of sink did you use and how is the plumbing been done in relation of the movement of the draw. where is the pluming going then the draw is going in and out?
    Could you take pictures of it or write is on your blog or directly to me. I really like the thing of putting the sink away. PS: What kind of draw systems has been used? How are the draws holing in place when you driving (how are they keep looking)?

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