Friday, 17 July 2015

17/7/2015 - READY for joiner! Zipper pouch curtains, Engel WR40F fridge/freezer, 120 Am/h battery, port-o-loo, etc...

After some minor delays, I am getting excited here because my van is all ready for the cabinet makers (joiners) to create my custom internal frame to have an internal kitchen/fridge on a slide drawer, RV-sized sink on a slide drawer, port-o-loo on a slide drawer, 120 Am/h deep cel maintenance-free battery and 2 water tanks all in one frame.   

Engel MR40F (40L), White/grey port-o-loo, 120 Am/h deep cel battery with custom zipper 3-pouch insulated curtain and
in the box is the RV sink with misc flexible piping. No pictured 2-20L water jugs (1 for grey water, 1 for fresh)

$999 NZD ($652 USD)- so well worth the cost!  :)

I also already have ready my 12-volt strip LED lights, but that will get done after the cabinet is done and installed.  They were cut to be 1.5m long each. I plan in sticking each one up along the length of the interior rear above the side, but below the roof.  It should looks good with lots of light!

However looking back at all the items from this stage of the project, the most important was the CURTAINS!  I wanted insulated light proof curtains, but I also need to maximise all the space I could for storage of everything from light weigh clothes to emergency supplies, etc. So I hired a professional seamstress and he created these curtains for me:

1-basic light proof insulated curtain to separate the front and back of the van

1-basic light proof insulated curtain to cover the sliding door window

2-basic light proof curtains to cover the rear window (rolled up for non-sleep/daytime mode).

3-custom 2 toned top green/bottom orange double insulated with 2 upper smaller zip pockets & 1 longer lower pocket.

Right rear side with 2 custom 3-zip pocket insulated curtains (also viewable the AUX fuel tank pipe)

This Monday, 20/7, begins the custom cabinet work.  This is what the joiner told me.  The joiner will have my van for the entire week. Below are rough CAD sketches give you an idea of what will be getting done!

I am very very very exited to see the end result! More soon... stay tuned!  


  1. I want to build my own motorhome by my self and I would like to know what kind of material are the curtains?

    1. Hi J-Styles, the curtains are made from 2 layered thick lightproof insulated material I bought. On the rear (facing the windows outward) is a grey layer of lightproof insulated material, then on the inside you can see, are light green and orange colours. So there are 3 different sets of materials for all 3 permanent insulated storage curtains. I hired home-based seamstress company to sew these together for me. I supplied all of the materials include zippers and exact measurements to fit my Delica windows. I had to include curtain cables with screws/hooks which are needed to hang them up. To make sure they stayed in place, I took a powerdrill/screw driver and drilled them into the van's walls with washers/screws.

      It may sound crazy, but these curtains are backbone of what makes this into a real survival home. Also related to the curtains, are my solarscreens that I have for each window for additional layer of light proof insulating material. The 3 windows with curtains, have these solarscreens permanently installed between them and the windows. These Australian make solar screens keen the hot sun at bay in summer and the warmth inside during the cold season. It's the little things like these that make a van so much more comfortable indeed...