Monday, 15 June 2015

15/6/2015 - 85L Auxillary Fuel tank and undercarriage rust profing

Custom 85L diesel tank for my1998 Delica 4x4 Starwagon 
5 Weeks of Delays - OK due to some uncontrollable delays with my personal and work life, as well the guys at G Guy 4x4s who were full-on busy with other clients, my 1st real large set of modifications were delayed a wee bit.

However, the wait was well worth it.  The guys at G Guy 4x4 put together this customised 85L secondary diesel fuel which was linked to my factory 60L tank. This means with 145L in fuel, I can travel nearly 1500KMs (932 miles) per full tank. Of course, the more I go off-road (4x4 mode) mileage drops, but that's OK.

Safety feature on the aux tank.This flows diesel back into
 the aux tank just in case of overflow. They it shuts off

However as cool at the tank looks, there's more to it.  On the right side of the van, a new tank port was installed.  It's lockable from inside right rear quarter panel.  The automated pump control is on the driver's dash via a small electric switch.  If the main tank gets low, I flick the switch on and contents of the aux tank, slowly move into the main tank.  There's a safety feature built in!  

Fuel connection line between the Aux &
Main tanks 

So If I am pumping the 85L worth of fuel into a 60L tank, the pump shuts off. So its fool proof. Now lets talk about the undercarriage rust sealant work.   When I got this van, of course it was used/pre-owned.  However my mechanic was astonished how clean it was both inside and out.  My mechanic did a full service on it, and said the undercarriage was in "gem" condition.  He advised I rust proof the undercarriage ASAP.
Full undercarriage rustproofing for my 1998
Delica 4x4 van

So it was G Guy 4x4 to do the work.   Actually, G Guy had to first build the custom 85L aux fuel tank, fit test it, the remove it prior to rust proofing the undercarriage.

After they had 'move' the muffler and exhaust pipe to exit to the right side of the van to make room for the aux tank. Despite the cost, I am quite happy with the work that G Guy has done.  My next major project is getting the interior custom cabinet completed.  I am currently in the process of getting multiple quotes from a few cabinet makers/joiners.     


  1. Hey,
    very interesting post, I'm planning to cross Africa with my delica L300, but I really need to extend the fuel capacity. So far the main tank is only good for 400kms~ can you give more details about your factory 60ltrs tank ?? Mine is only 45 ltrs, and there is plenty of space below to put a bigger tank, but I didn't find anything yet :( thanks !

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