Sunday, 10 May 2015

10/5/2015 - Water sealing, and tiling of interior rear floor

Weekend of 8/5 to 10/5/2015 was a busy one and I got a lot done!   Yes the window tinting looks great, but there's HEAPS more work to do!  Friday, I dabbled around, but I spend all of Saturday on 9/5, at a good friend's place. He's an avid 4x4er and good mechanic as well.  While I was working on my van doing the prep for the flooring & waterproofing work, he was changing around/working on his rear differentials. Later than day, he took for me a gnarly 4x4 ride in the nearby mountains to test out his work.  I have gotta get back to my real job for Monday (tomorrow), but next weekend will be around soon enough...  Looking forward to getting my hands dirty next weekend!  Anyway, here are some photos from the weekend's work..  

The van metal floor has now been waterproofed
from the inside! (black colouring sealant as shown). The front
of the van also has this on the floor under the driver and
passenger foot areas.

Because I had to use 2 different pieces of plywood for the
van floor, I had to bind the 2 together as shown. I used
a power drill/screwdriver to make sure the bindings were
solid. Today, (Sunday, 10/5) I opted to do my work at beach
near the ocean to get some sun, and to use the sun/wind to dry
the glues I used for all the undersealand padding material.

Got the waterproofed (from below) wooden floor installed,
now beginning the tiling process. Getting excited now!

Ongoing tiling continues (here I am merely aligning tiles for a test),
but I am going to need moretiles to finish the job. 
Will get some more later from the home improvement store.

Saturday, 9/5/15, my friend and I went to a car junkyark nearby
and I scored this gem of a bull bar.  It even came from a
1995 Mitsubishi SUV and has fog lamps/small bash plate
with it!. This $120 piece saves me at
least $800 in costs to fabricate a new custom one.
 The end of my day and the van is all packed up to go back home!
As you can see, the tiles look good!!  Once all the tiles in place,
I won't have to worry about dirty floors or dirty rugs.  These
tiles are easily to clean or brush.  I need 11 more tiles to finish this job
Next weekend is supposed to be rainy and windy (or so the weather service says so!??!?), so considering I don't have a garage (I am getting a garage hire on 18/5), I will have to work on the van tiling inside the van during any rains.  This work will only take 4 hours or so. Then I can start to figure out the most single important piece of this project...the sleeping platform/cabinet system inside the van.  So far, I am basing my design of the "DinoEvo" design.  DinoEvo was/is based off the same van I own, but it's 3 years older.  Given this all of the measurements are the same as my van. I have to decide what type of work I want to use for this. I will ask around for advice...However as for the design itself,  why reinvent the wheel if someone has already found the silver bullet?   :)

Cheers from the 420-Van man! 

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