Thursday, 19 November 2015

20/11/2015 - New add-on: All-in-One storage box & padded chair

After van camping a few times near home on the coast, I realised there's a missing link with regards to my van.   I need storage space to frequently removed and put back items like my solarshades.   I also would like this to double as a padded seat for "guests" who just want to hang out in the van.  The solution was to create a custom box/padded seat.  So here we go:

The box shown here fits perfectly in the centre right side floor.  It's padded
on top to double as a seat. The wood used is the same wood as the main
cabinet.  Nice!

The top is removable with a light velcro in each side. The box is
magnetically secured to the floor as my 2 beach chairs are stored to the
right of it under the bed nice and snug! 

My main cabinet drawer (the pantry) nicely opens up over the storage box
/ chair combo.

Lost of storage space inside the box.  Inside my anti-mossy wall in a bag
front cabinet window solar curtains and curtain wires that double as lines
to dry clothes/towels, etc.
A view from the outside inward with my new
Cessna 172 sticker on the door...

My next (final) major modification is my 4 shocks upgrade in early December (next month). This will be the last major modification to my van.  :)

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