Sunday, 1 November 2015

2/11/2015 - Custom SolarShades installed - imported from Australia

After some delays from Australia, I got my well-needed Solarshades from SolarScreen Australia.  While not cheap, they are a must have for anyone who values warmth in winter, coolness in summer and privacy.  My 3 permanent pocket curtains each have a solar shade behind that will never be removed. The others will be removed whenever needed.

Solar shades all installed for daily parking or sleeping mode

Solar shades all installed for daily parking or sleeping mode

These are almost light proof except the stitching on the shades themselves.
The window sun visors are NOT holding up the windscreen solar screen

Very very very nice indeed. The top left corner of the front cab windows were
cut out like this to give a little light and for a peep hole to the outside world.

I like how the suctions are strong, but still not too hard to remove. I think winter camping will be a blast.   I thought about getting an RV-style diesel heater like this installed, but I will give winter camping a go without it.  After all if a warm mummy sleeping bag and window insulation is enough, that's a huge cost savings for me.

Next major modification are the 4 new shocks and custom fabricated rear springs to make up for the extra weight of my van as compared to the usefulness of the base factory shocks/springs.  This modification won't get getting done until early December however... (its too expensive!  LOL!)

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