Thursday, 31 March 2016

31/3/2016 - More mods! Custom vertically mounted ski rack & auxillary LED reverse lights...

So its been a few months since I have made any modifications to my van.  Ah-ha!  I found a few needs that had yet to be unfulfilled so I hired G Guy Motors again for some new custom modifications.

#1 - LED reverse lights:  I realised that my limousine tinted windows on my van make my factory reverse lights more or less useless for seeing backwards during reverse mode. In fact they were only 50% operational (they flickered a lot) at best.   So I purchased a set of 2 - 350 lumen white LED lights.  G Guy not only installed them with a switch on my dashboard which allows me to always use them when in reverse mode, but also to use them at specific times such as for off-road use only.  The problem "was" that during the day, the new reversed lights were fine, but at night they are far too bright and can blind a driver behind me.  So the switch option resolves the problem.

Adding that, G Guy also installed some protective steel mesh covers for these new reverse lights. Magnificent results!  Check out the photos...

These covers can protect the lights against theft and damage

#2 - Custom vertically mounted square bars -  I am die hard skier and have been since I have been a little kid @ 7 years of age. I realised that my expedition van can go anywhere, but what happens when I go skiing?  Yeah right - putting my wet skis inside the van on my bed??!  No thanks!  So I had drawn up some designs for my Thule Euro-style 2 pair ski carrier.  I contacted G Guy and asked if they could help me out. I told them I wanted these bars removable, but lockable.   Craig at G Guy designed a perfect solution where the bars are lockable with standard waterproof locks and are easily removable.  All of the custom square bar components are powder coated (black) so they'll never rust.  

Everything except the skis on here.  I can now hold 2 pairs of skis securely!!!

Euro-style ski carrier on custom vertically mounted bars.  

After removing the bars & racks, the base clips remain. These 2 clips are
secured with sheer nuts & bolts (security nuts/bolts) so they cannot be stolen

#3 - Max Traxx holder Powder Coated 

While I had a max traxx holder already installed from last year, it was rusting away because it had never been powder coasted.  So had G Guy remove them from my roof rack and gotten it powder coated black. I did not picture here for this one simply because it's on the top middle of the van!  

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