Sunday, 26 March 2017

27/3/2017 - Sandblasting, galvinising and powder coating along side new UHF radio & LED HD lights (Part I)

Even though I already have a really nice portable, waterproof/submersible, UHF 5 watt radio/GPS receiver and a nice 4000 lumen LED bar on my van's bull bar, I wanted more lights and a real CB style radio.  So I ordered the following items as such and took my van to a 4WD specialist here in Sydney.  
AE4703 UHF h/D Radome Antenna, 6.6 dBi
My new CV radio - GME TX3100DP Super Compact UHF
Additionally, for a while now I have been wanting some work powder coating work done on my van. Namely I wanted to get the growing rush problem off my rear ladder, bull bar/engine bash plate and my snorkel. You see when this custom work was originally done,  I didn't have the budget for powdering so I went with standard painting. I guess living on the ocean I paid the price with rust!   Anyway check out the rust on this baby!

My bull bar alone removed from the front and underside of the van

This was just added - a platform for my new lights and an antenna holder.

My bull bar, bash plate, rear ladder and snorkel all ready to get fixed up nice!
This is just part 1 of this post because part II will be when its finished and looking all flash!  This is going to take some time to get this all sorted, so please do keep tuned in for more!

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