Thursday, 24 September 2015

24/9/2015 - All major mods nearly all complete now... (Bumper bar, side protection, bash plate, IP68 spot lamps, awning, etc)

Well everyone, my massive number of planned mods for this baby is coming to a close.  After too much spent on the mods (all well worth it!), I am happy to say the only real mod left is to upgrade the shocks to handle this much heavier than factory van for prep for a very long off road trip.  That upgrade can wait for a month or two so I can save some $$$ to pay for it.   ;-)

New custom bumper bar with side protection & bash plate.  New IP68 (fully submersible and dustproof)

A few minor things I need to grab at the nearby stores like:
a) camping food - cans of food, basic pasta, spices, misc camping stuff...
b) Pour and Go - water purifier to help my water filter to a better job (40L fresh water)

New custom bumper bar with side protection & bash plate.  New IP68 (fully submersible and dustproof)
Now is the time to start to prep this expedition van for some road trips and camping.  With the awning in place, this really makes camping a lot easier.    I need to mount my waterproof tool box up top on the basket with marine grade cable and lock. That's only needed to do before each road trip. There's no reason to put it up there other. My MaxTrax are up there now, but will take them down unless I am on road trip.

Up Close - New custom bumper bar with side protection & bash plate.  New IP68 (fully submersible and dustproof)

Rear ladder was repainted frost white to match the rest of the stuff.. nice work!

RhinoRack 2.5m awning - to cover us from light rain or harsh sun...  
Sorted!  All major mods complete except new shocks and perhaps a lift by 1" - 2" (TBD)

Waterproof locked tool box with marine grade cable & marine grade master lock

A must have for every 4WD that's ready for the zombie apocalypse
I still have yet to receive my solar shades that I ordered, but no worries they'll be here soon. I gotta say this entire 5 month long journey from buying this van to getting to this point has been tiring, but it's sooooo worth it the efforts and money spent.  I will have many many good memories with this expedition van no doubt...

Let the good times roll...


  1. Hello PilotGuyNZ, the car looks perfectly:-). By chance I have the same vehicle, and I'm looking for the plactis front bumper guard. The one that keeps tho YELLOW headlights. Could you please let me know where you managed to buy it?

    Regards Joseph

    1. All of that came with the van from the factory as far as I am aware of..... I bought it from the 2nd owner. It was an import from Japan...