Sunday, 6 September 2015

6/9/2015 - Custom snorkel, custom rear ladder & Rhino Rack roof kit (w/shovel holder & spare tyre lock mount) completed

Well they, G Guy 4x4 Motors, did another fantastic job on my van. They unfortunately were not able to get the front work done; this is because the bull bar with front side protection with bash plate.   The challenge was that the used bull bar I provided them (from a different vehicle) would have costed more to adapt than than to create a new one from scratch.  Also another sad reason that the front bull bar & etc is not done is that their main metal fabricator injured his hand in a nasty accident at work.   Ouch!    

Looking good! The rear of the van!  

Rear and right ride of the van. New snorkel looks sharp; I love it!

Custom fabricated ladder

Rhino rack, Rhino basket, snorkel and 200watt solar pannel

I added some of my stickers on the rear window to give the van some personality...

I added some of my stickers on the rear window to give the van some personality...
Anyway, I am bringing back my van to G Guy within 7-10 days for them to finish the bull bar/front side protection, bash plate, bull bar-mounted, spot lamps and side front under protection.  This week I am:

... bringing the van into the joiner to get a mini-bookshelf to be installed on top of the battery cover.

... bringing my van into the RV shoppe to get my plumbing (flexi-pipes, reverse osmosis filtration,etc) sorted out as well as get some LED lights installed inside the van. The LED lights will be wired directly to deep cel battery.

... getting a NZ self-containment certification which means I can 'freedom camp' anywhere without being harassed by park rangers and etc.

... ordering some custom cut solarscreens and getting rid of non-permanent curtains I had created/sewn for me. Those curtains are hard to slide on the curtain wires and a real pain in the a**.   I sadly wasted money on those, about $140, but that's life.  Oh well..

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