Monday, 7 September 2015

7/9/2015 - 1 level bookshelf Installed on top of battery box

So the joiner forgot to add on the little bookshelf with very stiff 2 bungy cords to keep everything in. No worries at all, now it's done. Now I can put books, water bottles, a large supply of sunscreen and even attach a clip on 3watt LED lamp!

Bookshelf - sweet as!

Porto-loo, TP holder, camping knife and fire extinguisher

Later this week I am getting a custom cut mattress created for me for the van.  It will be sliced at key areas into 3 total pieces.  More soon!

Let's also not forget about my last set of mods since in process @ G Guy:

a) Bumper bar with two IP68-rated spot lamps (3485 lumen rated)  installed
b) Side left & right front protection
c) Bash plate
d) 2.5m lightweight 'bag' awning on left side
e) repaint of ladder to WHITE to match the front WHITE bumper bar and side protection

This work should be finalised / completed by 25/9.   My next blog entry will have everything else documented & photographed.

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